As Constructed Surveys

Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance in Every Project

At Survey Plus, our "As Constructed Surveys" are designed to provide the most accurate and detailed documentation of your completed construction projects. This crucial step ensures that what was built on-site matches the original design plans and specifications, providing a clear and precise record for future reference.

What Are As Constructed Surveys?

As constructed surveys, also known as as-built surveys, are detailed records of the completed construction. These surveys capture the exact locations, dimensions, and specifications of all constructed elements, offering a precise representation of the project's final state. This documentation is vital for verifying compliance with design plans, ensuring quality control, and facilitating future project maintenance or modifications.

Key Features of Our As Constructed Surveys

Detailed Measurement and Documentation

Our surveys include comprehensive measurements of all structural and infrastructural elements. This involves documenting the positions of buildings, roads, utilities, and other key features. We ensure every aspect of your project is accurately recorded.

Advanced Surveying Technology

We utilise the latest in surveying technology, including Total Stations, GPS, and 3D laser scanners. These tools allow us to capture high-precision data quickly and efficiently, ensuring that every detail is accurately documented.

High-Resolution 3D Models

Our 3D laser scanning technology produces high-resolution, three-dimensional models of your construction site. These models provide a detailed and interactive view of the completed work, making it easier to identify any deviations from the original plans.

Integration with Design Software

The data from our as constructed surveys can be seamlessly integrated with your existing CAD and BIM systems. This ensures that your project records are always current and accurately reflect the as-built conditions.

Comprehensive Reports and Drawings

We provide detailed reports and as-built drawings that are easy to interpret and use. These documents include all necessary information to verify that the construction meets design specifications and regulatory requirements.

Benefits of As Constructed Surveys

Quality Assurance

Ensure that the construction has been completed according to design specifications and quality standards. As constructed surveys provide the necessary verification to avoid potential issues and rework.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet all local, state, and national regulations by providing the necessary documentation to regulatory authorities. Our surveys help to ensure your project complies with all relevant laws and standards. 

Cost Savings

Identify discrepancies and potential issues early, reducing the need for costly modifications and rework. Accurate as-built documentation can lead to significant cost savings over the project lifecycle.

Future Project Planning

Use the detailed as-built data for future project planning, renovations, or expansions. Having precise documentation of the existing conditions simplifies the planning and design of future work.

Improved Communication

Enhance communication with stakeholders by providing clear and precise as-built documentation. This ensures that everyone involved has a thorough understanding of the completed project.